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The Client-Specific Search process at MGMT is a screening method designed to enable specialized search professionals' opportunities to identify high-performing individuals with proven track records.

Our Retained Search process utilizes a set of criteria established to obtain the best candidates for a role. We begin with gaining a thorough understanding of the client company, which provides a better idea of the client and a better understanding of the position. Then we must present the candidate with what the client is seeking. When both parties are aware of the expectations, a better fit for the position can be identified. Sourcing the organizations, associations, and areas where the best candidates can be found is a vital part of the process.

We also implement our industry-specific legacy database specifically for the retained search process.

The candidate most likely will already be employed and may not be considering other opportunities. Still, in a perfect world, the opportunity is made available, so the candidate becomes interested in hearing more.


Only when all evaluations and assessments have been made will the client be contacted with a shortlist of potential candidates. Usually, there will be three or four candidates for consideration. If the process is successful and interest is piqued, then more follow-up procedures will be used to evaluate candidates' lists further.


The retained search saves time and money for both the client and the candidate. A meticulously maintained mature database developed over many years will yield the

number of potential clients and candidates to find a fit quickly. Retained search firms accept a limited number of assignments to give each search full consideration.

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